Let There Be Light.....Bulbs

Most of us assume light where there would be darkness as a commodity. Except for very rare occasions (storms, blackouts, etc), we need only flip a switch to illuminate our space.

For those who have watched National Treasure, we know that Thomas Edison failed hundreds of times in his trials to invent a light-bulb. He is remembered for the one time that he succeeded.

Changes In Scouting

One would like to think that changes to principles, process, or programs are targeted to better serve the target audience of an organization. Advances in technology increase processing speed and power. Improvements in management techniques or coaching lead to more productive teams.

Unfortunately, not all change is good and many serve to impede achievement of the organization's mission. The recent decision by the Boy Scouts rescinding their exclusion of openly gay Scouts is one such example.

New RNC Data Platform

Earlier, I highlighted some of the technical inequities between the political campaigns from 2012. In the article, issues with both messaging & the technical means to communicate them were identified as key areas needing improvement.

Facts and Stories

It is a well-known saying among Marketers: "Facts tell; Stories sell!" This is a lesson that should be learned by many in the political arena.

Many Conservatives fall into one of two camps that struggle to motivate others to action:

Jumping To Conclusions

Recent events in Boston (and a Senator's office) inevitably lead many of us to draw quick conclusions to the spate of our unanswered questions.

  • Who would do this?
  • Why would they do it?

The myriad of talking heads are making suppositions to answer both of those questions as well as many more. Amazingly, many of them are taking the same bits of information leading to wildly divergent "interpretations".

Frankly, their conclusions are conjecture and prediction constructed upon bias.

Finding Zacchaeus on Easter

For many of us who are regular church-goers, Easter, like Christmas, usually has a big challenge among the celebration.  That's the time when the "Holly-Lillies" or the "ChrEasters" show up at our services.  We can't arrive at our normal time because parking is scarce.  Check-in for Nurserys & Kid's Classes takes forever.  The ones who aren't late (*Do we not advertise the time services start?*) have no understanding of our building layouts or typical convenient seating arrangements.  You'd think that many of them had never been in church before.....

Quick Note on Comments

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Resolution Passed - Forsyth County Republican Convention

The Forsyth Country Republican Convention accepted and subsequently approved my resolution publicly inviting arms manufacturers to relocate to Georgia.  I would like to thank both the Resolutions Committee as well as the Convention delegates overall for their public support. 

Book Review: The Victory Lab (by Sasha Issenberg)

The tag line on the book reads: "The Secret Science of Winn

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This will be our 2nd competition. 
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