The Compromise Scam

To hear the talking heads, Americans are demanding compromise. The upcoming "fiscal cliff" is an impending disaster demanding compromise (conveniently defined as Republicans surrendering their opposition to tax increases) to avoid the event & its expected consequences.

This is laughable.

Many Republicans are entering these "negotiations" discussing what they are willing to give up against Obama and Democrats only listing what they will not do. This is a recipe for failure.

Election Results - 2012

Like many others, I was wrong. Congratulations to Nate Silver & his FiveThirtyEight blog who, much to my chagrin, was very accurate in his projections.

My prediction was:

For those keeping score, I expect Romney to win the Electoral Count 315-223 and win the Popular Vote by 4-5%.

Election Predictions - 2012

Less than 12 hours before the polls officially open for the 2012 General Election, predictions abound. Joining the myriad of other amateurs, I will publicly announce my expectation that former Governor Mitt Romney will become America's next President.

For those keeping score, I expect Romney to win the Electoral Count 315-223 and win the Popular Vote by 4-5%.

Resolving Spending and Revenues

This post is a response on Jay Bookman's blog on It is posted here thanks to a fellow poster (Fred) who reminded me that I have been too busy & haven't been writing recently. Thanks for the reminder Fred.....and thanks for the visit!

More Green (Non)Energy Waste

After the billions wasted down the "green energy" rat-hole by the Obama administration, this should come as no surprise!

GM halting production of Chevy Volt

For those who haven't heard, outside of the hundreds of millions lost via loan guarantees for companies like Solyndra and Fisker Automotive, the Volt (Chevy's electric car) was a main initiative.

Gingrich And Gas Prices

It would appear that on the heels of a strong performance in the final debate before the upcoming Republican Primaries, the national discussion is turning back to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich! Recently, he has been highlighting America's looming economic challenge around higher energy prices and proposing elements of a plan that would lead back to more historically-reasonable per-gallon prices.

Hear Newt Gingrich talk about his energy vision

Smell of Fear

It is unfortunate that some candidates in the Republican Nomination campaign decided to skip the upcoming Super Tuesday / CNN debate.

Real Clear Politics Link

Based on reports, three of the candidates (Romney, Santorum, and Paul) decided to drop out leading to its cancellation.

Election 2012 - View From February

In campaigns, some things (like momentum) are readily seen and tend to become the repetitive chatter heard among the political talking-heads. Repeated often enough, they soon begin getting associated with certain-sounding terms like "inevitablity". Lost among the noise, it the reality that is ignored among the actual results. This reality germinates with perceptions among many that the assumed definitives do not appear to be supported by what one sees.

Thoughts After Romney's Florida Win

For those who have been following, I predicted that Newt Gingrich would win the Republican nomination. Conventional wisdom is telling us that Romney's big win in Florida has all, but cemented his victory in this race.

Possible, yes.......Likely, maybe.....Inevitable, absolutely not!

Romney's victory was strong (double-digits). His campaign is most certainly going to get a immense bump of momentum leading into the February caucus & primary races.

Review of PrezBO's SOTU Speech

Couple of items of note:

You can tell alot by reviewing language. Based on a word-check of his speech, there seemed to be a lack of words and imagery for specific American ideals....

  • Free (twice)
  • Freedom (once)
  • Opportunity (once)
  • Achieve (once)
  • Achievement (ZERO)
  • Success (three)

Also missing from the speech were the words: KeystoneXL, Solyndra, or (with exception to a short, vague reference) Obamacare - his SIGNATURE legislative accomplishment!



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