Self-Deportations, Sugar, And Shiavo

For those who did not practice the self-abuse of suffering through NBC's Florida Presidential Debate, I humbly offer this update:

Gingrich's Win in SC GOP Primary

Very early, our kids learn the song "The-Wheels-On-The-Bus-Go-Round-And-Round". For Mitt Romney's campaign, their theme song for the SC GOP Primary became: "The-Wheels-On-Our-Bus-Keeping-Falling-Off"!

Post CNN Debate in SC

Having just finished CNN's GOP Presidential debate in advance of the SC Primary, a few observations.....

"No" To Keystone?

Seriously, are you kidding me? This administration has placed the kowtowing to his kook-fringe environmentalist-wacko liberal base above the economic interests of Americans (both Republican and Democrat)! Then, in a sheer moment of gall, they blame Congressional Republicans for not giving them the "time to make the decision"!

Here's the story from National Journal.

So let's make the simple points for His Highness....


Occupy Congress (a little)

Organizers planned for a rally that they'd claimed would be the "largest gathering of Occupy protesters so far" - expecting up to 10,000.

A group numbering in the "hundreds" showed up................

See link from Yahoo News.

Observations from FOXNews / SC GOP Debate

After watching this debate in advance of this weekend's SC GOP Primary, here are my thoughts:

The Moderate "Majority"

Based on most recent polling from Gallup, the idealogical makeup of Americans has been and continues to be Conservativism. Based on their results as self-reported by respondents, our national makeup is:

More Buffet Baffoonery

It appears that PrezBO's token rich-guy shill (Berkshire-Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett) is at it again! This from Reuters.

During 2011, Buffetts was "toting water" for the administration complaining that his own tax rates were unfair and "too low". Accordingly, he claimed that he and "many of his rich friends" supported plans to increase their taxes.

Stupidity Of Liberals

This article first appeared on Dec 20, 2011.

It has come to the reality that the mouthpieces and shills of PrezBO and modern Liberalism have no shame!  They no longer even BREATHE between demands that Conservatives (especially the Republican-led U.S. House) “compromise”, but pass legislation that is “clean”.

For those who fail to understand the code, “compromise” means Conservatives should “work together” on THEIR agenda!  Likewise, “clean” legislation means that any initiatives that represent Conservatives ideas cannot be added to any of THEIR agenda items!

(Not-So) Super Committee

This article first appeared on Nov 22, 2011.


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