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Competition For Best One-Liner (#LogicOfGunControl)

In the course of political discourse, few things are more effective (or fun) as mockery of the opposing viewpoint!  In the case of the current debate about gun control, making fun of the emotion-based diatribes is the best response!
To this end, I am announcing a little friendly competition for the best mocking one-liner.  Already today, I've tweeted (@SwamiDaveSays if you are not already following):

  • My bed makes me sleepy.
  • Twitter keeps me from doing work.
  • Spoons made me fat.**

**Of note: The "Spoons made me fat" line was from a photo that I saw this morning which served as the impetus for this little competition.  It was written on a sign held by an opposition protester to someone protesting on behalf of Gun Control.  Being a photo, the visual image was priceless.  Frankly, the original creator of the picture should he or she come forward has already earned "Honorable Mention" before it started!
Rules of the Contest:

  1. All of the submissions will be through Twitter and include the hashtag #LogicOfGunControl.  (Yep, I'm doing it in a way that is easy for me &  I'm lazy!  *smile*)
  2. All submissions need to be one-liners in a form similar to "Lack of Birth Control made me pregnant!" 
  3. The contest will run from 12:00 AM ET on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 until 11:59 PM ET on Friday, February 22nd, 2013.
  4. Decisions of the Contest Judge (me) are final and I will select a winner along with 3-4 other "Honorable Mentions" (all of which will be announced and highlighted here). 
  5. There is nothing to purchase and you can enter as many times as you want. 

Let's have some fun!


I will work a little harder to come up with a fun one-liner competition.  
In fairness, I can't declare myself the winner of my own contest so I will roll-over the reward to the next one. 
Be on the lookout and this will make the award for my next one even more valuable!