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Advice To Republican Candidates

This article first appeared on Sep 24, 2011.

After watching recent debates and hearing interviews with the current crop of Presidential candidates for the Republican nomination, I will share this piece of honest advice.

For the candidate who wants to capture the imagination of the American people and win this nomination, you need now simply remember against whom it is that you are running! Your opponent is not named Bachmann or Romney or Perry or Gingrich or any of the other declared candidates for the nomination.

Your opponent is President Obama! It is him that you are seeking to replace. It is his policies that you should seek to be discussing, comparing, and contrasting.
While it may serve the media talking heads to show distinctions and disagreements among you, it is his defeat that we should all seek.

In my opinion, the best response that any of you can give to leading questions attempting to highlight contention and disagreement among your fellow Republican candidates would simply be: “Frankly, each of my opponents holds views and ideas with which I may not completely agree. That said, America would be better off electing any of us to replace President Obama. For my part, I am seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States. Until the American people choose someone else as the Republican Party’s candidate or have the opportunity to decide between myself and President Obama, I am running against him! I intend to beat him!”

The candidate who began responding in this fashion would win the nomination and position themselves strongly in the general election against a quickly-fading President Obama.

Who’ll take the advice?