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Advice To Republicans: Continue Working On Your Agenda

That's right!

President Obama has completed his 2nd Inaugral speech. Reading the text (I frankly had better things to do than watch the infomercial), he listed a number of agenda items for his second term:

  • Gun Control
  • Climate Change
  • Immigration Reform
  • Voting Right
  • Gay Rights

Different source have hailed it as the Return of the Liberal. The Left is basking in their assumed ascendancy of "Progressivism". The President and his allies are transforming his powerful campaign machine into an advocacy organization (Organizing for Action).

In the face of this, how could someone advise Republicans (especially in the U.S. House of Representatives) to continue working on their agenda?

It is actually simple! The agenda items listed above are Talking Points; they are not a legislative agenda! They are also manufactured as straw-men against which to manipulate & marginalize Republicans attempting to foster division among them. Like much of his 1st term agenda, Obama is unlikely to get more than token support for legislation dealing with these issues from his own party! The issues simply exist as a means to cast Republicans as "obstructionists outside the Mainstream" & continuing to rake in donations to his advocacy organization as foot soldiers "in the fight".

The best thing that Republicans can do is continue focusing on conservative ideas targeted toward:

  • Improving the Economy
  • Creation of Small Businesses & Jobs
  • Meaningful Spending Restraint & Honesty in Budgeting
  • Real Tax Reform

Republicans nationally can leverage the successes of Republican Governors & State Legislatures to highlight conservative policies compared against the perpetual failures in States hampered by Liberal governance.

Attempting to compete on the field of Obama's Talking-Points "legislative agenda" is a recipe for failure. It would be a perpetual conversation of "No & Why Not".

Success will only be found in articulating and promoting the agenda that you are FOR. It will be a discussion based on what America CAN BE leaving the President and his allies to explain the reasons why "we can't".