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Breaking Right

This article first appeared on Oct 26, 2010.

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From the storyline, they specifically list three U.S. Senate races (at least 2 currently held by Democrats) in which Independent voters are breaking to the Republican candidates.  In the case of these three races, they represent campaigns where the Republican candidates were leading or in a dead heat that is breaking daily against the Democrats. 
Politics (like many other competitive endeavors) is in many ways a game of momentum.  It appears that in races across the country "Undecided" voters are gravitating away from Democrats. 
In an election cycle where Democrats are (with almost unanimous certainty) poised to lose control of the U.S. House, the current mood and momentum could overwhelm them in the U.S. Senate as well.  Having garnered less attention (but no less important overall), this Republican surge could be felt in Governorships and State Houses as well.  Down ticket races can be influenced by momentum and intensity even more acutely.  This reality is of high importance because of the upcoming redistricting activities; the results of which could be felt in elections for years to come!
We shall see!