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Budget Shutdown Averted

This article first appeared on Apr 8, 2011.

As of 11:15PM, less than an hour before the deadline, leaders from both parties announced an agreement to to cut nearly $40B from the budget.  Even without the policy riders in the compromise, Democrats agreed to allow a Senate up-or-down vote on both the defunding of Planned Parenthood and Obama-Care. 

In the end, PrezBO again showed that he can effectively read a teleprompter.  He did a good job delivering a speech celebrating the largest annual spending cut in American history (cuts that he and his party had to be dragged kicking-and-screaming to accept)!  

Senator Reid rightfully looked beaten facing his agreement to allow the recorded votes on the specific policy riders.  This will be especially problematic realizing that in the 2012 election, Senate Democrats have more at-risk seats in now solidly "red" states.  Realizing that these at-risk Senate Democrats will over the next few months have to cast public votes for-or-against additional spending cuts in the 2012 budget (especially if Rep. Ryan’s proposals become the baseline), Planned Parenthood, Obama-Care, and a number of planned EPA regulations (that could not pass legislative muster), a tired, ashen outlook would not be unexpected.

Lest ANYONE forget – this event was wholy owned Democrats (both in Congress and the White House).  Democrats had majorities in both houses and the promise of a Presidential signature during the entire session of 2010.  The frank reality is that Democrats knew that the political winds were against them in the run-up to the 2010 midterms.  They knew that if their members would have had to cast votes for the increased spending that their budget would have entailed, their bloodbath of losses would have been that much greater.  Facing that, they began a pattern of continuing resolutions and were hamstrung by the results of the election making the situation worse. 

Add this outcome to the very recent turn of events in the Wisconsin Judicial election where Democrats turned out to be pre-maturely celebrating victory, this has not been a good week for PrezBO and his merry cadre of collectivists.  Instead, it appears we can score another one for the Tea Party activists.