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Bureaucracy Making A Bad Situation Worse

This article first appeared on Jun 18, 2010.

We can be saddened by the accident that occurred and the damage that it has wrought. We can be angered by the actions taken that led to this outcome. We can express frustration that regulators failed to enforce existing regulations that might have prevented our current crisis.
All these events are current reactions to actions and consequences in the past.

However, the controllable and, ultimately, most shameful behaviors and actions are those that are being taken now.
So in the face of the challenges that are coming from the spill, we see federal officials who, instead of supporting, celebrating, and facilitating the actions of those most affected to work toward resolution, are instead frustrating and impeding their efforts.  
Since I assume no malicious intent, one can only look at the situation as another case of federal government ineffectiveness, inefficiency, and inability to quickly react.  
We see these results from a government which had already setup an entire bureaucracy responsible for governance, regulation, and review of oil drilling.  That bodes ill for that same government assuming the ability to build a health care bureaucracy from the ground up.