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Citizens United vs. FEC

This article first appeared on Feb 2, 2010.

n his State of the Union speech, President Obama took the occasion to challenge one of the most recent Supreme Court decisions with the Justices sitting right in front of him.  Voicing his displeasure like some badgering school marm while the Justices were largely acting in their historic respectful and non-partisan demeanor, the President went so far as to misrepresent one of the crucial points of the majority decision. 
Expectedly, members of the Mainstream Media are bemoaning the "increased" influence that "Corporate Interests" or "Big Money" or any of the collectivist monikers for Corporations who will now be allowed to simply participate in the political process.  To hear some of these upset representatives of Old School Journalism, our very political foundations are at "grave risk".
Check out Hatch Hurd from the Forsyth Herald: Link
Check out Jay Bookman from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Link
In both editorials, the purveyors of the "Old Media" are really only complaining that other interests (besides Journalists within the Mainstream Media) will have the opportunity through advertisements to share their message in the way that they have been doing for free in America’s print, radio, and television media for years!  How fitting that interests who have enjoyed being able to present THEIR opinions and philosophies to the American public would fear others having the same opportunities to compete and share in the arena of ideas.
For the record and those who are disputing the Supreme Court’s decision, the outcome was correct, Constitutional, and would have been expected by anyone outside of this group of collectivist partisan shills.  The U.S. Constitution affords American citizens the right to Free Speech, the right to Petition our Government and act to inflluence its decisions, and the right to Assembly.  

  1. Freedom to Speak includes the mechanism to deliver it in all forms of delivery; advertising being a large component to those not afforded the free platform of newspaper OpEd sections or TV News show respondent positions
  2. Freedom to Petition our Government includes the right to request action from our Government on our own behalf
  3. Freedom to Assemble includes the right to organize as interest groups from your neighborhood Home Owners Association to a national Advocacy organization or a Corporation that employs thousands

In a laughing example of journalistic hyperbole, many of these liberal pundits claim that the simple act of upholding Constitutional guarantees is "Judicial Activism". 
Here’s a hint to President Obama and his cadre of Collectivist Commenters – If you wish to exclude Corporations from participation in the political process as if they have no rights, then why not quit taxing them to fund your redistributionist schemes!