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Congratulations, An Issue to Stand On!

This article first appeared on Jan 29, 2010.

Healthcare reform is stalled…….a Jobs Bill is encountering obstacles……Cap-N-Trade is going nowhere……another Stima-Spendulous is questionable……..the American economy is still bleeding jobs at a rapid pace…….Deficits are growing at levels unimaginable just 12 months ago……
Where do you turn if you are a President who in the span of one year has went from a overwhelming victory and completely-empowered Congressional majorities to now a rudderless, ineffectual administration supported by a back-biting, unfocused crowd of frustrated political hacks and wonks.  What issue can you take hold of?
To quote ESPN, Come On, Man!!
Apparently, lacking an issue of central focus, the President has answered the call of Republican Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) to take on the BCS and College Football’s post-season.  Not to be picky, but one would think that the President and Congress has better things to do and more important issues to address than the lack of playoffs for College Football.