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Democrats Problem Bigger Than TheDonald

There is a plethora of hand-wringing among Republicans expressing concern about "damage" that Donald Trump is doing to the "Republican Brand" & their chances in 2016. Whether it is his comments on Immigration or his on-going feuds with other Republican officeholders like Sen. John McCain or Sen. Lindsey Graham, many Republicans are seeking madly for a way to put this Genie back into his Corporate bottle.

On Trump:

  1. His Immigration comments were an example of a a legitimate criticism taken to the absurd extreme. All illegal immigrants are law-breakers by definition. They are not all (as Trump bombastically claimed) violent criminals. There is plenty of opportunity to discuss Immigration Policy, Security of our Borders, and our plans for the Millions of Illegal Immigrants within the contexts of Law, Compassion, and Respect for Others.
  2. I have my issues with Sen. John McCain politically, but he served our Country admirably and with distinction. He has long since earned respect for his service and we can have our policy and differences of principle while acknowledging that.
  3. Engaging in this battle with Sen. Lindsey Graham probably elevated Graham's candidacy (which was going nowhere). It makes no sense at all when Graham got more coverage after Trump's attack than he had at any other point in this race.

Even after that, Democrats still have the bigger problem. Trump will almost certainly go the way of other peaking "front-runners" 18 months before an election. On the other hand, the Anger-fueled "Movement" culture dominating Progressive groups right now stands as a real risk to any Democratic nominee.

Gov. Martin O'Malley had to stand idly while his interview at NetRoots was shouted down from the audience and hijacked before he was booed off the stage after daring to state the #AllLivesMatter. To the politically-correct grievance industry, that was a cardinal sin requiring that his voice be drowned.

The reality for Democrats is that there is no glimpse of a "moderate" path that their nominee can navigate without drawing the ire of their angry base. It is crystal clear why Hillary Clinton's campaign has focused almost exclusively on small, controlled events. These manufactured "conversations" eliminate the risk of Hillary being the target of their rage.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia next year will be no small gathering. There will be attempts to control it, but it will be too public a stage for these groups to allow themselves to be relegated in the shadows. They perceive that this is their time and they will get a platform or shout down anyone on it who is preventing them from having it.

Look into your crystal ball. #TheDonald is a much easier problem to deal with than the rumblings of what could become another Chicago Convention 1968!