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Election Wrap-up: "Two" Georgias

This article first appeared on Nov 4, 2010.graphic from AJC.

As can be seen by the graphic, there is a clear divide within the state of Georgia visible (largely) within the urban Atlanta counties (Fulton, Dekalb, Clayton, and Rockdale) and along a line from Savannah thru Macon to Augusta.  Outside of these specific areas, Democrats have strength in some south Georgia counties and the lone northern Democratic oasis in Athens-Clarke.

While the map gives its visual clues based on the national political narrative, the stark reality of this year’s elections results is that the "battle between colors" in Georgia is not Red v. Blue; it is White v. Black.

The unfortunate reality is that in the state of Georgia – one’s vote is assumable with a reasonable level of certainty based solely by one’s address.  Combining an individual’s address with basic demographic data increases the statistical likelihood of an accurate estimate to a level that is actually dangerous to supporters of both political parties. 

Frankly, if politicans and political parties can so accurately predict the voting preferences, then they know that they have to do very little to ensure election and re-election.  Effectively, neither party has to do very much to earn the vote of their supporters. 

Looking at recent behaviors by too many of our elected officials, they know it!