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Facts and Stories

It is a well-known saying among Marketers: "Facts tell; Stories sell!" This is a lesson that should be learned by many in the political arena.

Many Conservatives fall into one of two camps that struggle to motivate others to action:

  • Convinced and certain of their philosophical superiority, they assume others will follow their lead without question.
  • Their communication is fact-based and informational failing to engage their audience on a personal, emotional level.

If you are working to advocate or lead others, information is unlikely to motivate them to action. A visual image of what your vision will benefit their lives can be a powerful motivator!

For example, it is one thing to support the KeystoneXL pipeline because it is estimated to create X million jobs or infuse X million barrels of oil into the global market. Both of these are statistical estimates that provide additional justification and certainty for the "converted". Neither introduces the personal connection that could be expected to motivate

However, the visual imagery of an unemployed construction worker building the pipeline or one of its ancillary support units could create a very personal connection for that individual and her family.

In what other areas can you envision a story that more effectively communicates a message or calls an individual to action than a list of the associated facts would?