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Favorite Tweets Of Oct 23rd

This may or may not become a recurring post on some schedule that I will not commit at this time, but it has been very fun in the Twitter universe of late.

Not to self-promote, but my #1 of the day was a personal one:

This one grew out of a back and forth of responses to many of @JamieDupree recent Tweets about the number of enrollments in selected states. In many of them, there are more people on the State University's football team than successful enrollees in that state. In other states, you'd have a better chance of finding an adult believer in Santa Claus than you would an enrollee.

Alternatively, Americans with existing coverage are having their existing policies cancelled in numerous states at an alarming rate. Much to the chagrin of ACA proponents, they are already in a death spiral with fewer Americans having insurance coverage today than had it before the October 1st launch. Not only is the ACA not resolving America's issues of the uninsured, it is exacerbating it!

I have to award an Honorable Mention for this one:

I enjoy Brad's books and have to admit that I am really jealous of some of his Tweets. There's a reason he is a best-seller!

Got a favourite that you'd like to add? Include it in the comments below. If this becomes a recurring string of articles, I may have to rob my couch to setup awards!