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Finding Zacchaeus on Easter

For many of us who are regular church-goers, Easter, like Christmas, usually has a big challenge among the celebration.  That's the time when the "Holly-Lillies" or the "ChrEasters" show up at our services.  We can't arrive at our normal time because parking is scarce.  Check-in for Nurserys & Kid's Classes takes forever.  The ones who aren't late (*Do we not advertise the time services start?*) have no understanding of our building layouts or typical convenient seating arrangements.  You'd think that many of them had never been in church before.....

And they might not have.....

Strangely enough, Luke 19 relates a similar story of a short tax collector named Zacchaeus who arrived late when Jesus was speaking.  Much as today, tax collectors had a poor reputation among the Jewish people so he probably tried to arrive quietly without being noticed.  He probably just wanted to see who and what this Jesus was about.  Being short, we're told that he climbed a tree so that he could see over the crowd.  

It was at that moment that he was Jesus who singled him out of the crowd for personal attention.  Much to the chagrin of the rest of the crowd (who had undoubtedly been there longer, served in many more ways, and were more "deserving" of some attention), Jesus invited himself to Zacchaeus' house for a meal.  

Hopefully, we can instill some patience and perspective within ourselves in preparation for Easter services.  

Take a moment to consider:

  • For the benefit of those who may have never been in church before or haven't been here in a while, let's make sure that the message that we communicate with our behavior does not overshadow the message that we share about the Gospel!
  • Make finding a "Zacchaeus" a focal point tomorrow.  Single him out so that he knows he is noticed and welcomed!
  • Finally, if you can't find a "Zacchaeus" tomorrow, you might want to consider why!