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Foreign Policy By Dartboard!

This article first appeared on Mar 29, 2010.


Then-Senator Obama and then-Senator Biden threatened actions (up to impeachment) if then-President Bush committed the U.S. Military to action without consulting and getting the support of Congress.  Democrats and their media shills beat the drums of "Iraq-Did-Not-Attack-Us" and "Iraq-Was-Not-A-National-Security-Threat" after many of them voted to commit to our actions in Iraq. 

Now, -President- Obama actually commits our Military in Libya without getting approval of Congress (which he and Vice President Biden claimed was required) to another theater of operations (making it now three) where no credible official can claim any threat to American interests.  Frankly, most rational observers would have to admit that Saddam Hussein was a much greater threat to American interests and allies than Ka-Qua-Daffy EVER was!  

Added to this reality, no honest observer can determine or surmise what actual principles are being held as our standard to committing our military!  We watched while similar attrocities occurred in Iran.  We gave ridiculously mixed messages when similar events were occurring in Egypt (voicing both support and opposition to Egypt’s leadership at the height of the unrest).  Leaders among PrezBO’s administration were among the most vocal opponents of our actions in Iraq where Hussein arguably terrorized and killed more of his own citizens than have been vicitmized in Libya. 

Pschizophrenic leadership seemingly vacant of guiding principles and standards are a dangerous risk for the United States when similar uprisings and unrest are occurring in more and more countries around the world.  What is the sustainability of this rudderless foreign policy when our enemies (like Al Queda & Muslim Brotherhood) can cheaply manufacture these events of "unrest" which undoubtedly elicit response from the cabal of Mideast dictators and tyrants?  Is it possible that recent events are not an orchestrated example of global "Divide-And-Conquer" where these individual theaters can be inexpensively created (by our enemies), but elicit very expensive responses from America and its NATO allies?