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George Will Gets It Right

I often disagree with George Will, but in a recent column in the Washington Post, he hits the nail on the head! With his planned focus on a hugely "progressive" agenda to cement his legacy during his second term, President Obama will be doing more to aid Republicans in both 2014 and 2016 than they could have likely done themselves.

Issues like Climate Change and Gun Control will accomplish little legislatively, but serve to embolden and empower his opposition. The damage that he and his liberal Democratic supporters expect for Republicans will undoubtedly backfire.

At-risk Democrats (especially in the Senate) are going to quickly find themselves at odds between their constituents and President Obama w/ his newly-reformed political group, Organizing for American. These liberal activists will become the albatross that the media talking heads continue to claim the "Tea Party" to be.

For Democrats who follow the leadership of their national party, they will face campaigns tying them to Obama's continuing economic and legislative failures. For those who refuse to fall into line, "DINO" accusations and primary opposition awaits.

Blame for legislative inaction and failure will be heaped upon them paving the path to their defeat regardless of how they vote.

Over the next two election cycles, Democrats today convinced of their ascendancy will be left wondering "What happened?" The only question is the scope and measure which will depend upon the ability of Republicans to capitalize.