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Gingrich And Gas Prices

It would appear that on the heels of a strong performance in the final debate before the upcoming Republican Primaries, the national discussion is turning back to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich! Recently, he has been highlighting America's looming economic challenge around higher energy prices and proposing elements of a plan that would lead back to more historically-reasonable per-gallon prices.

Hear Newt Gingrich talk about his energy vision

Compared to Gingrich's rational solutions-based approach that he suggests could get us back nearer $2.50 per gallon for gasoline, we find this story out of Florida that some motorists are paying almost $6.00 per gallon!

CBS Tampa

A supply-supporting energy strategy that frees exploration and acquisition of American resources would be beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Increased production of American resources increases worldwide supplies which would have a lowering effect on the per-barrel prices.
  • Increased production of American resources would minimize our risk of dependency upon Mideast & other oil-rich nations.
  • Dilute the global influence of these Mideast and oil-rich nations (many violently opposed to the ideals of freedom and opportunity) on the world stage OR further increase American royalties if those nations constrict supply in an attempt to keep the world market price at higher levels.
  • Acquisition of resources from federally-owned lands and off-shore areas would return royalties (aka - revenue obtained without taxation) to the U.S. Treasure
  • Exploration, acquisition, and refining of these resources could represent upwards of 1M jobs CREATED (not "saved" or "supported" or insert-standard-PrezBO-weasel-word-for-employment).
  • Jobs *created* would represent families with paychecks (not dependent upon entitlements) and paying taxes (instead of consuming them) and participating in downstream economic commerce.
  • Control the rampant inflationary influence on the price of goods and services that our existing unstable energy market is perpetuating.

These are benefits that could begin almost immediately if America had a President who was not beholden to the Environmental lobby and instead had the best outcomes for America as his intent!

It is time for Americans to get a President who recognizes that initiatives like KeystoneXL are no-brainers! It is frankly time for America to get rid of its No-Brainer President!