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"Green" Jobs vs. REAL Jobs

This article first appeared on Sep 13, 2011.

This decision represents poor judgement from the beginnings of the Obama administration. The seeds of this failure and subsequent loss of millions of taxpayer dollars come from their adherence to environmental radicalism.

This was a centrepiece, first-model of their change of American energy policy direction toward the so-called “green jobs” agenda (Link). While stifling attempts to find and develop existing energy supplies, this administration supported (and continues to support) investing more and more taxpayer dollars down the rat-hole of “alternative” energy. This ignores the reality (as published by numerous sources) that these alternative energy sources are not expected to meet more than 5% of America’s EXISTING energy needs for the foreseeable future.

From an overall economic perspective, PrezBO’s refusal to accept his own failure is damaging in other ways.

  1. By limiting development of available energy sources, the political bureaucracy places an artificial limit on thousands of jobs that would be created if this administration would simply get out of the way. Claims that their “green jobs” initiatives will “create jobs” are laughable because, unlike oil / gas exploration, these industries are highly technical and have much lower employment requirements.
    Even if all things were equal in potential to satisfy America’s energy needs, the reality is that existing energy technologies is a much greater job creator (in the private sector) than the “green jobs” initiatives (dependent upon government subsidies and guarantees).
  2. With the limiting of energy supply, prices for oil & gas are artificially inflated above what they would be if we simply developed based on existing technology. These higher prices continue to hinder economic growth and have likely served to make our current recession more acute (and lingering) than it should have been.

As seems to be a repeating storyline where this administration is involved, the best thing for America would be for PrezBO and his Ivy-League bureaucratic wonks to simply get of our way!