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Healthcare Hoodwink

This article first appeared on Dec 24, 2009.

Where is Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) when you need him?  As the Taxocratic Talking Heads have been blovating about how their "Healthcare Reform" is going to magically provide more service to a greater pool of beneficiaries at lower costs or Democratic leaders have been giving lip service to "cutting the deficit" or "protecting our children’s economic future" while buying votes of recalcitrant caucus members with taxpayer money, where has been a clarion call screaming "You Lie" to any of them who dare move their lips?
Senate Democrats delivered a blackened, oily lump of coal to Americans this Christmas Eve.  In a strictly party-line vote (60-39), they passed their Senate-version of Healthcare Deform.  With state-by-state sweetheart deals, noone could rationally claim this represents "Equal Protection Under The Law" (a protection afforded Americans under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights).  Anyone who tries deserves a Wilson-esque shout down!  With the fact that Congressional Leaders begin tax increases immediately, but delay any real "benefits" of the legislation until 2014-2015, noone could with a straight face claim that this legislation is anything than a big-government power grab & massive tax increase with little-to-nothing of merit or benefit for the vast majority of Americans.  Those who argue this deserve the mockery and derision that would undoubtedly come their way!   
For those opposing this monstrosity, today’s vote is not a loss of the war.  It is simply one battle won by opponents who really accomplished little more than exhibited their own hollow sense of honor or decency.  Personally, I still expect that the tenuous and brittle coalition propping this "compromise" will ultimately fail and this legislation will not accomplish final passage.  In that event, America will have seen Congressional Democrats for the string-attached puppets of the kook far-left fringe that they are.
They are attempting this after millions of Americans have lost their jobs and more working Americans are losing theirs daily.  They have done little-to-nothing to address that situation and the actions they are trying (Healthcare Deform, Cap-and-Tax, etc) would serve to only exacerbate the economic woes of the American economy.  With focus and action, Americans can possibly send a good number of these Pelosi-Reid Taxocratic politicans to minority, if not unemployed, status. 
Remember: Democrats do with legislation what muggers do with guns!