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Healthcare Smell Test

This article first appeared on Dec 21, 2009.

With all due respect to the President and his Democratic Congressional cabal, it is not "carping" to call a sham fraud for what it is.  It is not "carping" to highlight prostitute-like behavior of elected officials who apparently hold out support then sell their votes for hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits for their states or districts.  Frankly, if the President and his cronies had a modicum of respect for themselves and their offices, they would accept and acknowledge the perspectives of the now-majority of Americans who see them for nothing less than the vote-buying political thieves and whores that they are!
After watching $300M go to Louisana to secure the support of their Democratic Senator Landrieu, $100M go to Connecticut as a re-election push for Democratic Senator Dodd, followed up by the untold hundreds of millions that the final Democratic Senator,  Nelson of Nebraska, held out to get, it is pitifully laughable to hear the President claim that we "can’t treat tax dollars like ’Monopoly’ money".  In Senator Nelson’s case, Medicaid increases that will directly result from this bill will be paid (in perpetuity – that would be forever) by the federal government - aka: Taxpayers of the United States.  In effect, he cost-shifted increases from a historically state-funded program onto taxpayers in the other 49 states.
As for the alleged "deficit reduction" that the Democratic supporters highlight, it is gimmick-accounting to a scale that Enron, Global Crossing, & Bernie Madoff never tried!  According to the President, this bill will "cut the deficit by $150M in the first 10 years & $1T in the second 10 years".  These "estimates" were manufactured by the fact that a) all taxes and fees start in Year 1 while the "benefits" begin in Year 5 (basically, taxes start Day 1 while Americans wait 4 years to get anything for them) and b) the second decade estimates are predicated on the assumption that they will cut $1T from Medicare during that time period (for a program that has been over-budget since its inception and grown faster than inflation during its entire lifetime).  The net results being that no rational human being with any historical perspective on governance, budgets, and economic / fiscal control would believe the actual results of this legislation will produce anything close to that promised.  The estimates are based on assumptions so asinine that they are, in actuality, fiscal fraud that has not been executed since the legislative Ponzi scheme that is Social Security.
In true fashion, Democrats have not yet passed this bill and President Obama has not signed it to law, but Democrats are already talking about the "changes" that they want to make to it.  Many of those changes – the "Public Option", Medicare "buy-in", etc – are some of the very legislative hangups that were deficit-busting spend-happy portions that some of the so-called "Blue Dog Democrats" opposed in the beginning.  They have not even gotten this bill approved and liberals are already planning on its entitlement expansion. 
Americans, I can only suggest that you contact your Representative or Senator and voice your opposition to this bill.  Make sure they understand that this is a vote that will be weighed when you cast your next one!  Regardless of the outcome, get ready for an active 2010 election cycle because it will either be a campaign to again defeat this type of legislative fraud or work to elect leaders who will repeal it! 
Feel free to leave a comment with notes or links to how your Senators and Representative voted.  The more that we can publicize where our leaders stand on this (and other issues) and highlight those who stand on the right side of them, the better informed we will all be.
Remember: If it were easy, everyone would have it!