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How Bleak For Democrats

This article first appeared on Sep 2010.

In an online article today, the Wall Street Journal raises growing concerns for Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections.  With every passing day, the outlook for Democrats and their attempts to retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives grows dimmer and dimmer.
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The article specifically references Rep. Jim Marshall D-GA as one of the recent addtions to the at-risk list.  Marshall, historically seen as a conservative Democrat, seems to be sailing into an almost hurricane-like headwind to retain his seat.  To hear the Marshall campaign, they are basing their strategy of touting their independence from the liberal Democratic leadership in Washington and Marshall’s own votes against his national party’s legislative agenda.  In what must be frustrating to the / Huff-n-Puff / DailyKook fringe elements on the left, Marshall’s promise to join Republicans to support repeal of ObamaCare has got to be driving them toward the limits of lunatic raving! 
However, for all that Rep. Marshall promises and for all the "conservative Democrat" claims that he makes, the singlular reality of his campaign and those of other Democrats in more moderate-to-conservative districts is his vote for Speaker.  So long as Marshall represents a vote for Nancy Pelosi and her continued drive of a fringe liberal agenda in the U.S. House of Representatives, the people of Georgia will vote in November to replace him.  Frankly, promises to support repeal of ObamaCare and other parts of the PrezBO legislative agenda are of little worth so long as Marshall’s vote for Speaker will continue the current direction and leadership in the House. 
Frankly, Rep. Marshall, America and Georgia thanks you for your service and wishes you well in the next phase of your life.  It is time that you and many of your other fellow Democrats join the ranks of America’s unemployed!