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Jumping To Conclusions

Recent events in Boston (and a Senator's office) inevitably lead many of us to draw quick conclusions to the spate of our unanswered questions.

  • Who would do this?
  • Why would they do it?

The myriad of talking heads are making suppositions to answer both of those questions as well as many more. Amazingly, many of them are taking the same bits of information leading to wildly divergent "interpretations".

Frankly, their conclusions are conjecture and prediction constructed upon bias.

It has no more grounding in fact as someone proposing the answer of 42 to the formula 8x + y. While a plausible conclusion, we lack enough information to verify or discredit it.

As we gather facts and come to truly understand the identities and motivations involved, the thing that we must remember is some of those making conjecture will undoubtedly be right and many others will be wrong. For all of the bluster and bravado that we will hear, the difference between those who were "right" and those who were "wrong" will largely be a result of luck!

We would all be better served to save conclusions to when we have enough facts to draw them. In the meantime, many of our fellow Americans are hurting or grieving in need of our support, assistance, and prayers. Others who are leading many of these efforts (whether we may agree with them or not) need the same because the job ahead of us all will be difficult and challenging.


We now have more details and more facts. As predicted, one group's "conclusions" turned out accurate; the other group's not so. Such is a possible consequence of portraying your bias-driven conjecture.

If the pattern holds, this failure of their assumptive conclusions will disappear and be ignored. There will be deafening silence from those who promoted their associations and assumptions until another future event when they, yet again, promote the attack-based meme against their political opponents.

In an amazing reversal, those jumping to conclusions with no basis in fact will now claim that none can be drawn after we being to get them.

This is simply another occasion where Truth, History, and Common Sense refute Liberalism!