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Just Keeps Getting Clearer

This article first appeared on Nov 12, 2011.

As much of a joke that my tagline (“If you’re thinking it, he’s already said it!“) has been in my years with the blog, I am about to have to add a corollary – “If he says it, you’ll soon be hearing it!”

Based on information that was published today in by the Wall Street Journal, it appears that my predictions of Newt Gingrich’s eventual settling atop the campaign horizon is coming to pass.  It looks more and more likely with each passing day that this campaign will eventually sift out his opponents vying to represent the “Not-Mitt” voters to leave an eventual two-man race between Gov. Romney & Gingrich.
With Romney languishing with his perpetual 25-30% of Republican voters, this race is shaping up to be another occasion when he becomes the “bride’s maid”!

Frankly, looking ahead to an eventual Presidential race in 2012, it is my opinion that Gingrich would be a much stronger candidate against Obama than Romney (all currently published polling data aside).  A passionate, committed based of political support (which Romney will not develop) will be infinitely more valuable and influencing to moderates and independents than a more “moderate” Republican candidate that will struggle to differentiate himself from Obama.  In a race of Obama versus Obama-lite, all too many of those moderates and independents will determine that the committed leader whom they do know trumps the inconsistent (flip-flopping) candidate whom they do not.

A strong Conservative candidate with passionate support and dedicated followers will have more influence on “undecided” voters than will someone prone to politi-speak drawing only lukewarm support.