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More Buffet Baffoonery

It appears that PrezBO's token rich-guy shill (Berkshire-Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett) is at it again! This from Reuters.

During 2011, Buffetts was "toting water" for the administration complaining that his own tax rates were unfair and "too low". Accordingly, he claimed that he and "many of his rich friends" supported plans to increase their taxes.

I, among many other Conservatives, responded that, if they truly felt that they were not paying enough to the United States government, they should go ahead and write checks to the Treasury until their "guilt" is assuaged!

Now, Buffett is targeting Congressional Republicans with a promise to "match" (dollar-for-dollar) any money that they give the Treasury. Specifically focusing on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, he upped the match to $3-for-$1.

Frankly, Mr. Buffett, it is YOUR President along with Senate and Congressional Democrats who are clamouring for "more revenue" (higher taxes) that will end up being spent to their ends of an ever-expanding federal government. Republicans are seeking to LOWER spending, LOWER taxes, and DIMINISH the role of government in our lives. Giving them MORE money that will GROW government is the anti-thesis for our ideals of freedom and opportunity.

I suspect that Mr. Buffett is simply angry that he has been shown to be just another liberal hypocrite who got publicly called on his hypocrisy.

Note to Mr. Buffett: The website that you and your "rich friends" can use to quickly and conveniently use to increase your own "contributions" is still active and waiting for you to act on your principles. Maybe you should redirect that money that you are bundling for PrezBO's reported $1 billion election war-chest to the Treasury where it could be better used to offset some of the exorbitant spending by this administration.