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More Green (Non)Energy Waste

After the billions wasted down the "green energy" rat-hole by the Obama administration, this should come as no surprise!

GM halting production of Chevy Volt

For those who haven't heard, outside of the hundreds of millions lost via loan guarantees for companies like Solyndra and Fisker Automotive, the Volt (Chevy's electric car) was a main initiative.

Apparently, sales of the Volt are going so well - that in the face of the fact that the Federal government grants a tax subsidy for up to $7500 per vehicle that is sold.

In a second layer to the insult, PrezBO continues to blather about the "millions" of green energy jobs that the billions wasted are going to create. Yet, reality comes crashing down as the halt of the Volt will actually result in the layoff of !

It is truly damaging when dogged adherence to a failed philosophy meets sheer incompetence!