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More Real Costs of ObamaCare

This article first appeared on Feb 15, 2011.

From the administration’s own budget specifically as it relates to their planned expansion of the IRS to confiscate ever more from America’s taxpayers, we get these details from

From their own numbers, the new army of auditors and staffers are estimated to cost $359M in 2012 alone – this almost two years before most of this onerous legislation will take effect.  The claimed benefit for this outlay and further insertion of the federal government – an ROI of $279M… 2014! 

This introduces two options – neither good for America’s taxpayers:

  1. If there is indeed a "ROI" (also known as this new horde of government collectors sucking productivity and capital from Americans), then it only stands to note that both the increased costs around ObamaCare AND the costs for enacting it will be confiscated…..OR
  2. This monstrosity (as opponents of the measure have stated from the beginning) will cost America and its taxpayers more than it could have every promised to deliver!