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"No" To Keystone?

Seriously, are you kidding me? This administration has placed the kowtowing to his kook-fringe environmentalist-wacko liberal base above the economic interests of Americans (both Republican and Democrat)! Then, in a sheer moment of gall, they blame Congressional Republicans for not giving them the "time to make the decision"!

Here's the story from National Journal.

So let's make the simple points for His Highness....


  • Your administration has had MONTHS to perform any needed analysis of this issue. In a typical liberal tactic, you have simply been attempting to delay any action on this until after the 2012 election. You (not Republicans) are to blame for your inability to make the right decision.
  • This pipeline could move over 700,000 barrels of North American oil from Canada to the Gulf. While it may or may not represent energy resources that would be sold on the American market, production at this scale would definitely ease price pressures on the World oil market.
  • These 700,000 barrels of North American oil would represent access to resources that are not at the mercy of Iran threatening blockade or purchased from Venezula, Russia, & Mideast regimes. That would represent an actual promotion of energy security for North America.
  • Regardless of where this energy was ultimately sold, American jobs based on its transport and refining as well as additional ones that spring up as a result.

The ultimate reality is that the continuing rise of energy and unemployment of thousands of American workers is yet another in the growing list of failures for this administration. It becomes more and more evident every day that they lack basic economic understanding of what it would take to get America moving again.