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Obamacare: Two Months and Counting

Less than two months before much of Obamacare is scheduled to begin, this is a good time to view the status and glimpse the future.

Based on published information, Obamacare will be providing subsidies for singles making almost $50K and a family of four making almost $100K. The subsidy is graduated , but the current implementation sets an expectation that large numbers of poor and middle-class Americans will be receiving benefits from this ever-growing program.

The program will be administered by the IRS under the auspices of withholding and tax returns. This administration in an Obama economy where 3 of every 4 jobs is a part-time position. That ignores wholesale recent experiences by employees at companies such as Delta and UPS who will no longer be eligible for their existing coverage due to price considerations introduced by Obamacare.

Nearing implementation, the Obamacare program overall has failed to meet nearly 50% of its legislative due dates. Integrated testing, scheduled to begin in March 2013, has not only not started, but there is not a published plan / schedule for when it will. Of even greater concern, it continues to fail the security protocols (personal, financial, & health information) that the federal government enforces on America's businesses.

The Obama administration has unilaterally delayed implementation of the employee mandate part of the program. This delay follows along with the multitude of waivers already conferred onto many organizations and groups. Previous supporters (like Unions) as well as political leaders are trying to negotiate further exclusions / delays up to and including the United States Congress (many who voted for the legislation).

Frankly, the only "strength" to be found with Obamacare is the comparative weakness of opponents to adequately communicate a narrative to Americans explaining its problems. Whether due to fear or incompetence, this implementation advances more due to lack of effective opposition than any intrinsic value within the legislation.