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Obamacare: Worse By The Day

It is hard to imagine that just a few days ago Democrats were chortling amongst themselves in anticipation of their upcoming electoral ascendancy after the "agreement" (read: surrender) over the Continuing Resolution & Debt Ceiling. Establishment Republicans, never on-board with Conservative efforts to challenge Obamacare, led the sullen retreat as the giggling Democrats cheered.

In what was probably an intentional act, Senate Majority Leader Reid inserted language to increase funding for a project in Senator Minority Leader McConnell's home state of Kentucky. For the relatively paltry sum, Reid effectively added an earmark for his Republican opponent that would appear to many to have effectively been an "earmark" benefiting McConnell.

President Obama & Senator Reid were successful in doggedly refusing any negotiation or compromise while their willing media shills continually blamed the entire episode on House Republicans & Senate Conservatives.

In the end, Democrats were celebrating surrender by Republicans having gotten none of the blame for the event. Their future was SO bright that they were having to wear.......

Then those darned Obamacare "glitches" kept getting worse as their shiny new $650M website to administer their signature legislation escalated to an unmitigated disaster. Try as they might to blame "unexpected demand", it became more obvious by the day that the website simply did not work!

Celebration & political planning turned to confusion then concern to what is developing to a near panic among vulnerable Democrats watching the implosion. The longer the issues went, the more apparent it was that these were not "glitches".

Kudos to Dan Holler, Communications Director for Heritage Action who just published an article linked here highlighting the reality of vulnerability for many Democrats.

What things about led to this quick reversal of fortunes?

For a system that was built over 3 years, reports begin filtering that it had less than 1 week of end-to-end testing. During that week of testing (prior to the Oct 1st launch), an end-to-end test with 100 users crashed the entire system. Not only was it not adequately tested, but it was miserably failing any real tests that were performed! Editors Note: As a software development professional, this is clear evidence of both inadequate / incompetent planning as well as non-existent oversight. No one would expect this to be successful & most would refuse to associate themselves and their professional reputation with something like this that is so guaranteed of failure.

HHS Secretary Sebelius, who confidently reported readiness & preparation prior to the October 1st launch, began claiming that this project was really 6 years worth of work that they were doing in 2. If it were true that their technology teams estimated the effort to be 6 years & time constraints dictated that it would have to be finished in 2, any experienced project manager would have put MORE metrics and measurable milestones to gauge progress to increase transparency. Instead, it appears that the White House was completely trusting that this would somehow finish and were "surprised" when their Pollyanna assumptions failed to come to fruition.

All of this leads us to today's winner in the making-a-point Tweet of the Day:

To Ari's point, having the President (or HHS Secretary Sebelius for that matter) given a laptop with an active WiFi connection & asked to simply perform the function that they expect Americans to complete would be a hilarious exercise. The uncomfortable silence would be deafening!

Finally, no review of recent Obamacare events would be complete with a link to Jon Stewart's hilarious segment addressing the early issues with the website. This segment was filmed earlier this week BEFORE more of the most embarrassingly incompetent facts have slowly came to light. Editor's Note: Beware watching this clip at work as you may get caught due to the uncontrollable fits of laughter that will ensue. You have been warned!

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