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Obama's Collapsing False Narrative

It is disappointing when a #FalseNarrative collapses, but it must be especially frustrating when it disintegrates while you are trying to deliver it! President Obama was busily defending his recent Executive Order on Gun Background Checks and "mansplaining" safety and security to a former rape victim at the same time that stark reality was showing the ineffectiveness of them.

Unfortunately for President Obama, reality is a vicious master over his Liberal pablum.

From FoxNews
In Philadelphia, 30 year old Edward Archer was attacking a Police Officer with a firearm that had been stolen from police in 2013.

While President Obama has been defending his actions to close the "Gun Show Loophole", the reality is that most violent criminals obtain guns illegally. He'd be more effective trying to shut down this "Gun THEFT Loophole"!

As a secondary nod to Political Correctness in this case, authorities continue to question Archer's motivations for the attack. Apparently, self-professed claims that he was acting in accordance w/ his belief in Islamic Jihad are not enough to convince. One wonders if circumstances were different if officials would be so cautious to assess blame to a group. Preconceived conclusions and the immediate false narratives from 2015's San Bernadino terrorist attack suggest otherwise!

Next from CNN
Two Palestinian refugees from Iraq were arrested at almost the same time that President Obama was speaking. Much to his chargin, these two would have passed the "Extensive" Background Checks and still gained residency in the United States.

Both cases highlight the fact that Obama's actions and desired political agenda regarding firearms are simply greater hassles for law-abiding citizens and do little to nothing to prevent criminals (our REAL problem) from arming themselves.

That noise you hear was Obama's Gun Control False Narative falling from its decaying orbit and burning up in the atmosphere! Even with willing accomplices and mouthpieces shilling the Talking Points, the bright glare of reality highlights the Truth.