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Reid's Medi-Bluff (Part Deux)

This article first appeared on Dec 13, 2009.

Apparently, we have round two of Senator Harry Reid’s claiming a "compromise" or "consensus" on Democratic Health Insurance Deform.  Earlier, Senator Reid (D-NV) announced an alleged compromise on the so-called "Public Option".  After a few days, his supposed support vaporized and was shown to have little-to-no foundation. 
Earlier this week, Senator Reid again announced an "agreement" that would move the legislation forward in the Senate.  As reported via this AJC link, it sounds as if he was again counting his Congressional chickens before they hatched. 
For those unfamiliar with this alleged "compromise", Senate Democratic leaders were proposing to allow Americans 55-64 to buy into existing Medicare system.  This ostensibly would allow Americans in that age bracket to participate in the current system.  It is difficult to see the wisdom in allowing more Americans to buy into an already-subsidized program that is facing financial insolvency due its existing problems.  Introducing a greater pool of beneficiaries among Americans that on average would be in poorer health than the general population at large would do little other than further exacerbate the already growing problem. 
Expansion of government programs that confiscate and redistribute taxpayer earnings among the exponetially-growing dependency class is no solution to our nation’s economic challenges.  Expansion of the government roles may be effective in the acquisition of power for specific politicans, but it is a cancerous lesion on the long-term financial stability of America. 
America needs to support and cultivate its economic engines.  Spreading dependency simply enables those who could be engines of growth and productivity to instead lead a caboose existence waiting on others to supply their needs.