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Resolution Passed - Forsyth County Republican Convention

The Forsyth Country Republican Convention accepted and subsequently approved my resolution publicly inviting arms manufacturers to relocate to Georgia.  I would like to thank both the Resolutions Committee as well as the Convention delegates overall for their public support. 
As manufacturers encounter unwelcoming environments for their products in some states, Georgia has been and continues to be a state guarding our natural rights.
Text of the Resolution (approved March 09, 2013):

Forsyth County Republican Party

Sponsor: David Adams


Topic: “Promoting relocation of Firearms Manufacturers to the Forsyth County / NE Georgia area”

The Republican Party,

Noting with regret that other states (for example: California, Colorado, etc) are passing legislation that undermines our natural right to participate in our own defense through the ownership and use of arms as recognized in the U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment,

Observing manufacturers of firearms in those states recognize an environment in opposition to their industry and their products,

Affirms Georgia, especially Northeast Georgia as a region, strongly support our natural rights;

Emphasizes our well-educated workforce, available manufacturing capacity, and easy accessibility to interstate, rail, and air transport;

Calls upon local, district, and state leaders to actively promote their relocation to this area.


We are seeing more and more stories every day of Americans who support the natural rights to own firearms speaking up in defense of them!
Combine this issue with others like energy policy (KeystoneXL) and the political climate could be poised for a radical change.