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Resolving Spending and Revenues

This post is a response on Jay Bookman's blog on It is posted here thanks to a fellow poster (Fred) who reminded me that I have been too busy & haven't been writing recently. Thanks for the reminder Fred.....and thanks for the visit!

American taxpayers have been lied to in “compromises” that promise higher taxes and lower spending for years (Clinton, Bush 1, etc). The tax increases take effect, but the promised austerity never occurs because the beneficiaries are unwilling to accept cuts to their transfer payments and benefits. It is truly a problem not unlike marriages- lack of trust.

Until their is acceptance from the beneficiaries for the needed spending cuts to show good faith, there is no reason that taxpayers should accept higher taxes when that historically results in even higher spending and greater deficits.

The ultimate solution is priority-based budgeting and evaluation of spending objectives according to existing revenues that are structured to ensure that all Americans are participating in the responsibilities of citizenship. For those things that are “below the line”, Americans must decide whether either the objective or the line should move. If Americans decide to move the line, then all Americans should feel the pain instead of the current tendency to let someone else who “can afford it” finance what they want.