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Review of PrezBO's "Jobs Speech"

This article first appeared on Sep 8, 2011.

Honestly, I had two softball games tonight (-we won them both-) so I did not listen to his speech. I’ve heard some of the post-speech opinions and read the speech text on-line.

Based on what I read, there were three parts to the speech. There was beginning (“Thank you so much”) and an end (“Thank you very much. God bless you, and God bless the United States”). In between, those who actually listened were treated to another campaign-style diatribe repackaging his same failed ideas and policies with impassioned pleas for Americans to “tell Congress to pass his plan”.

Just a couple of thoughts:

  1. To hear PrezBO, we have waited this promised plan for weeks and he promises that “he will pay for it”, but tell us how “next week”. The President and his mouthpieces have been touting this speech for over a month and he leaves out any details for how he will finance it. This is frankly shameful especially since he made multiple calls for Americans to “call on Congress to pass it” without hones!ly addressing how it will financed. The reality is that he knows his speech WILL make the mainstream media news cycle, but details for how he will pay for it (read: increased taxes) will not! It is the behaviour of a charlatan and political snake-oil salesman.
  2. Interestingly, the -reported- price tag for his “new” plan approaches $450B. As recently as yesterday, reports were that the plan would be in the $300B range. Are we truly at a point in time when hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars (or debt) have no relative weight and measure? In the span of 24-48 hours, the STILL estimated cost of this “new” plan increased FIFTY PERCENT! How much more underestimated will it turn out to be in a week….a month… the next year?
  3. Apparently, PrezBO who promised the “shovel-ready jobs” in the first Stimulus has already forgotten his own admissions that “the shovel-ready jobs weren’t apparently altogether ‘shovel-ready’”. Now, he AGAIN promises that his “new” plan will pay for work from work that is “ready”. Be it Kentucky, Ohio, or Texas. Be it school labs or high-speed Internet access. We again hear the blathering of promised job growth from promised government spending for work that he alleges is ready and waiting! Either PrezBO has forgotten recent history or hopes a majority of Americans have!
  4. In an example of extreme political hubris and dishonesty, the President promises all the candy and goodies from his spending bag only to ask Congress (and the “Super Committee” specifically) to add his $450B price tag to the already $1T in cost-cutting that they have been charged with before Christmas. Ignoring for a moment Newt Gingrich’s call for Congress to repeal the unconstitutional farce that is the “Super Committee”, introducing another half trillion dollars in spending and assigning someone else to pay for it is shameful and outright abdication. It is simply another example of the Liberal practice of giving away that which was never yours and expecting others to pay the bill for your “compassion”!

If PrezBO wishes to truly work with Congress, then I suggest he instruct the U.S. Senate (currently led by members of his own party) to bring up for debate real legislation that will lead to real increases in economic growth and real increases in employment; pieces of legislation that have ALREADY pass the U.S. House of Representatives. He might want to go ahead and instruct them to bring up for debate Paul Ryan’s budget which has also passed the House. Maybe he should invest his time instructing the U.S. Senate to pass EXISTING legislation that can then be sent to his desk for signature and produce real results!

Frankly, Mr. President, America needs fewer speeches and fewer bus tours. It needs leadership and, sadly, (as a consequence of a poor selection by those who supported you 3 years ago) we have you!