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Science, Lies, and Statistics

This article originally published on Dec 1, 2009.

Lost in the media hype of President Obama’s “decision” after three months to essentially follow the Bush administration “Surge” strategy (used in Iraq) in Afganistan, there seems to have been eerie silence regarding recent revelations that (*withhold your shock*) the “science” behind global warming / climate change has had little to do with science at all! Some of these revelations include, but are not limited to: alleged intentional falsification of test results to satisfy political ends, fraudlent claims to discredit opposing views attempting to silence dissent, or outright prostelytizing known falsehoods to perpetuate what may become recognized as one of the greatest global scams in human history.

Many of the scientists at the center of this controversy have received untold millions in grants and research from U.S taxpayers to propogate this alleged “crisis” that is looking more like political and environmental extortion than anything that could be deemed “science”. In publishing their false and fraudlent “data”, they perpetuate their own beneficiary cycle that draws more research dollars. In the process, the individuals are the center appear more like 80′s style enviro-techno televangelists spreading their ecological theology of “global gloom and doom” more than anything that could approximate real science that makes hypothesis, tests the conclusion, and publishes the results for reproduction and review.

Kudos to Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) who is calling on Senate Committee Chair, Barbara Boxer (D-California) to conduct Congressional Hearings (see related story – Senator Boxer is on the Senate’s chief political grandstanders and supporters of legislation to “address” climate change. As Senator Inhofe correctly notes, legislation to “address” this issue (like “cap and trade” – currently being pushed in Congress by Senator Boxer) requires open and transparent review before actions are taken that could prove detrimental to the United States and its citizens.

As an aside, “climate change” is simply the current psuedo-science euphemism for this 30 year old collectivist scam. In the 1970s, we were warned of “global cooling” that would lead to the next ice age within “a decade”. After that didn’t pan out, some of the same alarmists took up the cause of “global warming” which was the politically-expendient rallying cry for the late 1990s until only recently. Absent evidence for these claims (outside of that which we are now finding was largely falsified or simply made up to support the assumed hypothesis) the proponents simply renamed their cause again to the more amorphous and vague (read: less fact-based) current title: “climate change”. Effectively, the “scientists” and political supporters of this enviro-scam have fallen back to the basis that “we assume something is happening – we can’t prove that it exists or what it really is – so we are going to claim it is a crisis based on what we don’t know that might never happen”.

How much of our tax money have we already wasted on researching into this now-apparently manufactured “problem”?
How much of our economy are we going to be willing to risk wasting money fixing what we are now recognizing to be a manufactured “problem” based on psuedo-science?
Do we think that President Obama, who is going to be visting a Climate Change event in Copenhagen, Denmark, will call for real science to be set as the measure for this and any other alleged “crisis” that we may face? Alternatively, will he give another flowery teleprompter speech continuing to perpetuate the fraud?
Sadly, I expect we are more likely to hear of “climate change” in Hades before the President and his merry band of collectivists acknowledge this scam for what it is!

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