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Self-Deportations, Sugar, And Shiavo

For those who did not practice the self-abuse of suffering through NBC's Florida Presidential Debate, I humbly offer this update:

  • Moderator Bryan Williams cemented this debate as a snooze-fest when he gave instructions to the audience to avoid noise or vocal support for candidate's answers. The debate started with all the excitement of a funeral home and made most viewers jealously wish for that peace!
  • Romney was tougher taking to the attack of Gingrich. Santorum had one of his best debates (for what it is really worth). Gingrich struggled to gain momentum (whether it was the attacks or venue or environment), but managed to have some good answers / responses later on (when very few people were probably watch). Paul started off well then devolved to his isolationism.
  • Much to the chagrin of those of us who endured it, NBC invested WAY too much time and attention to topics that have little-to-nothing to with with America's most important current issues: Economy, Jobs, Energy. Discussions of immigration gave us a newly-manufactured word from Romney: "Self-Deportation"; farm subsidies led us to boringly mundane comparisons between cane & beet sugar; issues of life & judicial authority diverted to conversations (from 2005) about Terry Shiavo. The event was by far one of the most boring debates in recent memory & NBC could not have executed it worse had they tried!
  • After it all, there really was nothing about this debate that really changed any of the current political environment. Gingrich, to his credit, acted like a front-runner and spent most of his time talking about himself and his plans. If (as reported by recent polling) Gingrich is already overtaken Romney in Florida, there was nothing about this debate that will have greatly changed that trend.
  • Based on exit polling from the earlier three states, Romney still struggles to show an ability to gain votes from what would actually be the "base" of the Republican party. He only consistently wins with non Tea-Party, Moderate / Liberal, post-graduate, over $200K, religion-doesn't-matter demographics. Frankly, that population does not represent a group that could be a path to the nomination for him.

At this point, I'd suspect that Florida follows South Carolina which will cause real consternation among Romney & his establishment Republican supporters.