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Stupidity Of Liberals

This article first appeared on Dec 20, 2011.

It has come to the reality that the mouthpieces and shills of PrezBO and modern Liberalism have no shame!  They no longer even BREATHE between demands that Conservatives (especially the Republican-led U.S. House) “compromise”, but pass legislation that is “clean”.

For those who fail to understand the code, “compromise” means Conservatives should “work together” on THEIR agenda!  Likewise, “clean” legislation means that any initiatives that represent Conservatives ideas cannot be added to any of THEIR agenda items!

How about we work on an American agenda promoting American ideals of freedom and opportunity for Americans who actually make America work!   The perpetually-failed Liberal agenda is on track to be relegated to the ash heap of history where it has long-since belonged!

Here’s to November 2012!