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T-Minus 1 and Counting!

This article first appeared on Nov 1, 2010.

Looking to tomorrow’s midterms, there are a few certainties, a few question marks, and almost assuredly will be a few suprises.

On the certainty side, most pundits expect this to be a good election cycle for Republican candidates.  To hear much of the punditry, they are already interpreting the results as an "anti-Washington" ferver.  That might be reasonable if losses by incumbents were equitable without respect to party affiliation.  As the upcoming electoral tidal wave will likely show, it is not; it is setting up to be a elective massacre predominately to Democratic candidates.  Republican candidates that are losing (or those who have already lost primaries) are on average the more "moderate" members falling to more conservative opponents.  As tomorrow’s results will likely show, this will be an election repudiating liberalism and serving to call for more conservative principles. [Update Jan 2012: Yep!]
Among the question marks, the biggest one appears to be whether or not this tsunami will actually be able to lift Republican tides into control of the Senate.  [Update Jan 2010: Missed by one!]Based on final polling numbers from Rasmussen, this could be a result of historic proportions.  Based on comparisons with 1994 (which, due to the sheer magnitude of the numbers involved, may or may not be accurate in this election cycle), the momentum that is underway could overwhelm candidates that would have in any other election survived.
As for surprises, the most surprised and shocked individuals are and will most likely be the supporters and shills for Democrats.  It has started already where liberal pundits (who misinterpreted President Obama’s win in 2008) are trying to preemptively cast their losses in the least possible measures. 

As polls open nationally in less than 8 hours, the die is about to be cast.  America’s voters will decide the most critical poll of this cycle.  Our decision will be heard especially among the current Democratic leadership who have been actively governing in opposition to the voices of the American people – heard loud and clear!