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That's Not A Unicorn

Effective January 3rd of 2016, a candidate or campaign is simply not credible without first defining a credible path to the Republican nomination that is not dependent upon:

  • Blind Luck
  • Faerie Magic
  • Abject Stupidity of opponents already AHEAD of you

No less than four (4) candidates are publicly communicating their "strategy" as:

  • Skip Iowa
  • Finish "well" in New Hampshire
  • Muddle through SC & the following "SEC Primary" states on March 1st
  • Target FLA ride momentum in later "moderate" states

One need look no further than former NY Mayor Rudy Guiliani for the outcome of this "plan". The only "winners" in this strategy are Political Consultants who somehow keep finding deep pockets who will finance their attempt to do it.

To hear those propagating this fantasy, their candidate can hold out during the early states to consolidate an Anti-Trump / Anti-Cruz coalition to win the nomination. Barring evidence to the contrary, consolidation has already been occurring and will strengthen as actual vote results begin in early states. Voters in subsequent states are more likely to coalesce toward winning candidates than secondary choices doing no better than their original preference.

This crowd is taking the political equivalent of a tired, old horse, gluing plastic atop its head, and selling it as a Unicorn!