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Time For Work or a Show?

This article first appeared on Jun 17, 2010.

With beaches and estuaries being soiled more and more every day and thousands of gallons of crude oil leeching into the Gulf daily, one would think that our Elected Leaders had better things to do than put on a made-for-TV, play-to-the-cameras exhibition of "indignance" . 
One would think that the politicians and bureaucrats making a public show of grilling BP officials or the BP officials themselves have more important things that they could all be doing.  
How about identifying and working with the most experienced experts who have dealt with these types of disasters?  How about directing and supporting those working to solve the problem?  How about marshaling any and all resources that we may have or to which we might have access?  How about working to a solution instead of trying to use a disaster impacting hundreds of thousands as a political issue?
How about doing the job you were elected to do and supporting those doing the job that they are being asked to do?