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Waiting On The King

In our technological-advanced and interconnected world, there should be no limits to our productivity and ability to achieve unimaginable things. Looking at the tools and opportunities that were unknown just a decade ago, how is it that too many of us feel more trapped in situations and conditions than ever? Is there something missing?

I would argue that one missing ingredient is Initiative. It seems that everyone is waiting for someone else to chart a direction. Many times, entire groups do not even know who would chart the direction! This unintended consequence of our recent business, social, and political climate has led to a frustrating tendency for everyone to wait. Whether it is waiting on someone else to approve or another group to decide or another organization to participate, there is very little action.

There may or may not be a process to govern something. There might or might not be some metric to measure it. There could be someone to decide on it or not. However we are hard-pressed to find someone who will do it!

Do you want to make a difference?

If so, then the best step to take is to follow Nike's advice and "Just Do It". While not a new idea, this simple decision could breathe more energy into your life and the life of those around you than anything else.

If there is authority or a leader present, share your perspective and show yourself as someone who can execute. If not, take the actions that you think they would propose. If it is a question, answer it with the best information you have available. If there is a decision to make, decide a course forward based on what you know.

Our aversion to this path is usually based on fear of doing the "wrong thing". My simple advice is to divorce that association. The consequences of inactivity are almost always worse than taking a wrong direction. When you are moving, you can gauge progress & course-correct. When you are not moving, you rarely have any better information than you had before. You have no better perspective and have lost that time.

Even in those occasions when your action proves to be worse than inactivity, good leaders will respect someone's good faith attempt over a paralysis of indecision.

In what one area of your life have you been waiting on someone else to give direction? What do you think they would tell you to do if they were there to ask? In their absence, what is stopping you from gaining momentum toward that goal? When they reappear, how much farther along could you be if you start moving now?

If you have a specific decision / action that you are going to take, leave a comment. It would be great to hear where you are and what you going to do to move forward from there.