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Welcome Rick Perry!

This article first appeared on Aug 16, 2011.

Well this didn’t take long!

Less than 24 hours after he had declare for the Presidency, the first in what will most certainly be numbers of “issues” were reported to begin their attacks on Governor Perry. Interestingly, this story-line was predicated on alleged risks of what the Chinese company might have been able to do. This report coming from a mainstream media who ignored ACTUAL improprieties by ACORN and actively questioned those who simply brought the facts to light.

If the reaction of the liberal political machine and their media shills are any measure, there is real fear of Governor Perry. While I do not know much about him yet, that alone is worthy of consideration!

[Update Jan 2012: After finishing statisically last in both Iowa and now New Hampshire, this would appear to be a good time for Gov. Perry to go home to Texas and re- "re-consider his options". He can become a solid supporter of Conservative principles both fiscally & socially, but it does not appear to be atop the Republican ticket for the 2012 Presidential campaign.]