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Winning Is About Closing

This article first appeared on Jun 15, 2010.

If recent trends continue, the future is getting bleaker and bleaker for Democrats who are still trying to hold out hope for so change to their collective fortunes.  It seems as if the news (link)is getting no better (for them).
According to the results, the majority of the "at-play" districts are held by Democrats and, in most, polling numbers seem to be trending against them.  That they would be struggling in the face of motivated opposition from Republican voters by a sizeable margin comes as no surprise.  Their growing problem is that they are weakening among Democrat voters.  A White House and Congressional Leadership that are losing support among average voters and experiencing near-outright revolts from their party’s kook left fringe bodes ill  for their election futures. 
Frankly, it looks as if the best case for Democrats during 2010 would be for the elections to be held today because they seem to be losing more ground daily.
As one who would like to see their defeat, the only suggestion that I can offer is that results are about closing well.  In most competitions, playing well during the game can put one in position to win.  To achieve a victory, one has to finish.  In this case, "finishing" means educating and motivating voters; getting them to the polls.  In situations like this where you have played yourself into a good position, a solid finish offers the opportunity for a great finish. 
Recognizing the challenges that we face, a great finish where leadership is returned to those promoting opportunity and achievement would make for a bright and sunny "morning in America"!