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Election 2010

Stupidity Of Liberals

This article first appeared on Dec 20, 2011.

It has come to the reality that the mouthpieces and shills of PrezBO and modern Liberalism have no shame!  They no longer even BREATHE between demands that Conservatives (especially the Republican-led U.S. House) “compromise”, but pass legislation that is “clean”.

For those who fail to understand the code, “compromise” means Conservatives should “work together” on THEIR agenda!  Likewise, “clean” legislation means that any initiatives that represent Conservatives ideas cannot be added to any of THEIR agenda items!

Follow-up to Already Said It!

This article first appeared on Oct 18, 2011.

Watching tonight’s Republican Debate from Las Vegas only served to further cement my predictions about this primary race.

Governors Gary Johnson and Jon Huntsman – Much like you weren’t on the stage tonight, a speech that you might give to the Republican convention will NOT be to accept the nomination. [Update Jan 2012: Johnson has been out of this race. New Hampshire for Huntsman is the high-water mark. Enjoy it for reality looms.]

Already Said It!

This article first appeared on Oct 13, 2011.

Based on the newest numbers from Rasmussen, it is a fun day to be the “Swami”!

In an email to a buddy on Oct 5th, I said this:

Advice To Republican Candidates

This article first appeared on Sep 24, 2011.

After watching recent debates and hearing interviews with the current crop of Presidential candidates for the Republican nomination, I will share this piece of honest advice.

For the candidate who wants to capture the imagination of the American people and win this nomination, you need now simply remember against whom it is that you are running! Your opponent is not named Bachmann or Romney or Perry or Gingrich or any of the other declared candidates for the nomination.

Welcome Rick Perry!

This article first appeared on Aug 16, 2011.

Well this didn’t take long!

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