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Election 2012

Gingrich And Gas Prices

It would appear that on the heels of a strong performance in the final debate before the upcoming Republican Primaries, the national discussion is turning back to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich! Recently, he has been highlighting America's looming economic challenge around higher energy prices and proposing elements of a plan that would lead back to more historically-reasonable per-gallon prices.

Hear Newt Gingrich talk about his energy vision

Smell of Fear

It is unfortunate that some candidates in the Republican Nomination campaign decided to skip the upcoming Super Tuesday / CNN debate.

Real Clear Politics Link

Based on reports, three of the candidates (Romney, Santorum, and Paul) decided to drop out leading to its cancellation.

Election 2012 - View From February

In campaigns, some things (like momentum) are readily seen and tend to become the repetitive chatter heard among the political talking-heads. Repeated often enough, they soon begin getting associated with certain-sounding terms like "inevitablity". Lost among the noise, it the reality that is ignored among the actual results. This reality germinates with perceptions among many that the assumed definitives do not appear to be supported by what one sees.

Thoughts After Romney's Florida Win

For those who have been following, I predicted that Newt Gingrich would win the Republican nomination. Conventional wisdom is telling us that Romney's big win in Florida has all, but cemented his victory in this race.

Possible, yes.......Likely, maybe.....Inevitable, absolutely not!

Romney's victory was strong (double-digits). His campaign is most certainly going to get a immense bump of momentum leading into the February caucus & primary races.

Self-Deportations, Sugar, And Shiavo

For those who did not practice the self-abuse of suffering through NBC's Florida Presidential Debate, I humbly offer this update:

Gingrich's Win in SC GOP Primary

Very early, our kids learn the song "The-Wheels-On-The-Bus-Go-Round-And-Round". For Mitt Romney's campaign, their theme song for the SC GOP Primary became: "The-Wheels-On-Our-Bus-Keeping-Falling-Off"!

Post CNN Debate in SC

Having just finished CNN's GOP Presidential debate in advance of the SC Primary, a few observations.....

Occupy Congress (a little)

Organizers planned for a rally that they'd claimed would be the "largest gathering of Occupy protesters so far" - expecting up to 10,000.

A group numbering in the "hundreds" showed up................

See link from Yahoo News.

Observations from FOXNews / SC GOP Debate

After watching this debate in advance of this weekend's SC GOP Primary, here are my thoughts:

The Moderate "Majority"

Based on most recent polling from Gallup, the idealogical makeup of Americans has been and continues to be Conservativism. Based on their results as self-reported by respondents, our national makeup is:


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